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Any recommendations on Heart Rate Monitors - or do I need one at all?

Trying to get back into C25k and FINALLY got through a whole run - W6 R2 at the same time as Laura. So motivation is coming back. Just wondering if a HRM would help? Both with keeping to a fat burning pace when running and also with my motivation. I do love a gadget. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, I use a Polar bluetooth HRM with my Android phone running Endomondo. It all runs at the same time as the C25k app. You do need to check that both the running app and your phone support the new Bluetooth 4 version. I think things are more straightforward with the later iPhones.

I dont know too much about heart rates but my average heart rate is 160 or more when running (im on week 7) so too high I think for fat burning.




I use a garmin 310 with hrm and love it! I love seeing how my average hr is dropping over the months! I did have the polar h7 but it wasn't very reliable, sometimes it registered, often it didn't, but my garmin is fab! (And was very cheap on amazon!)


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