Couch to 5K

Wk 7 Run1

Completed, still gasping great lung-fulls of air at the end of the run and my thighs are real tired but ran the 25minutes. Didn't listen to Laura had music at about 130bpm and used runkeeper to tell me time and pace. According to runkeeper to complete the 5k at my current pace will take 40mins and I thought I had picked up the pace a bit, the gps looked fairly accurate so I assume the speed would be too. Oh well I'm sure my speed will pick up eventually.

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I think 5k in 40 mins sounds great for a nearly graduated runner and from looking at all the posts here it seems the speed comes after you graduate and are comfortable with the longer runs. I have decided to keep away from all gps and tracking devices and just stick to Laura so I have no idea what my pace is (slow!) but just enjoying the running and the challenge for now. Try not to get too caught up in timings and just finish the programme....good luck.


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