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Crap run, but STUNNING WALK

Sorry for the language, but this morning's run was pitiful. No energy, tired legs, headache (no wine), half a banana and a cup of tea. I could only manage 5 minutes before I was cream-crackered, which for a grad is embarrassing. I could kill some time by watching a nesting thrush, which was lovely.

I finished the run/walk (4 miles) and collected Izzie from the car.Being a mere 6 months she is ready for a walk at any time, so we headed off over the moor. The sun was hazy, the views stunning and we had a fantastic 6 miles. I know she shouldn't go that far, but having Spaniel and Collie in her, she just keeps going. Try telling her she should only do 5 minutes per month of age ~ she won't listen!!

If anyone saw me out in my skirt this morning ~ I apologise. I haven't 'turned', I'm just getting used to running in my kilt for a run later this year.

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Some days we have runs like this don't's just about how we move on from them that counts..sounds like you had a good walk/run though. I'm on rest day today cos I feel I've burned myself out after the run the other day..hope to do Park run tomorrow...a gppd way to exercise the dog as well. Sounds lovely where you are with the views too...I always like a quick look at your posts...Keep running. :-)


Aw, thanks. It is GLORIOUS here. Thanks, the Mrs for getting a job round here.

Good luck with you PR tomorrow. I'm registered but have yet to do one. Not because I'm lazy, but simply because we have a rowing-mad teenager who trains on a Sat morning (as well as Sun morn, Monday after school, Tuesday after school and Thursday after school), so getting along to the run is impossible!! Hey ho. It could be worse, he could be sat on his computer or hanging round street corners.

Let us know how it goes, but be careful; we don't want to hear that you have injured yourself!!

The walk was wonderful. Open moorland with distant sea views and ,of course, Izzie found the dead sheep!!


Curious about the kilted run? When, where, what? How do you prevent chaffing? Cheers, Graham


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