Couch to 5K

3 x 25 min runs in 6 days. Legs are certainly feeling it

Finished week 6 with a 25 and have now did 2 runs of week 7 (25 mins) and I have to say my legs are aching a bit. I was glad to leave interval running behind but I can see the benefit of some walking/less running now!!

1 more run of week 7 left (scheduled for Saturday) and I might take 3 rest days.

Then again, I might be back to normal tomorrow and be ready to do it all again. :D

Bloody adictive this running malarky isn't it? :-)

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Well done, Runner56. You really notice the jump in running times, don't you? I certainly did too and have the odd ache as well. But, we'll get used to it soon enough I expect! Hope you feel less achey soon and well done on getting through the longer runs! :-)


Thanks MY. Good luck tomorrow morning with run 3. Wish 4am a happy Friday for me. I intend to sleep till 7 :-)


Well done on these runs. As Laura says at the beginning of the week 7 podcast - these longer runs can start to feel a bit relentless. You will get more used to it though and the excitement and anticipation of getting closer to graduating will override the tired feeling in the legs. It's certainly a good idea to take extra rest days if you need them - it can pay dividends in the long term. See how you feel when the time comes to decide. I had a few days off but have now started running 3 days a week again - I think the break was really beneficial as I'd been losing motivation prior to that. Good luck with the last run of W7 and very best wishes.


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