Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 2 - best I can say is it's over

Last run was on Sunday and every morning since Tuesday I have had the alarm set. I just didn't get up. All my running stuff including hankie looked out and ready but it had to wait till I came home from work today. My knee and back have been twinging and a little sore so I have that on my mind. I have an appointment with the sports physio on Monday. I am just hoping that he doesn't say no more running- I may actually cry. I knew I had to run soon as I don't want to let the runs get too far appart although I feel I've needed the extra rest days. I have been trying to be sensible. Icing both whenever possible. So did my run, changed my route to avoid hills. Ran supper slow. Didn't really enjoy it but it is done and I did NOT stop. One more of 8 left. I hope it is a better run but I must admit I have only had a couple of not so good runs so all in all I've been good. Ramble over

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:-) hope things get better for you...but wow I admire that you are getting it done...take care and good luck for the next runs!


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