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Laura seems to be cross with me. Disappears after intro????

After getting to Week 9 R1 last Dec I disappeared off to Goa for a couple of months and have been finding it really really hard to motivate myself to get out. Doing about one bad run a month at the moment. However is the good weather coming in I decided today was the day to start back at week 6.

I use Laura with my own music. Was working fine last year but now she does the intro..I start to walk and then realise it's definitely more than 5 mins... And it's usually about 7 but says 1min something elapsed. This has happened a couple of times but today was worse because the volume didn't drop either when she started to talk.

Is this a bug? Given my procrastination this is enough to stop me going out on Saturday! I also use Map My Run at the same time, it's working fine....

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