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I built a boat once


Many years ago, I built a boat - quite a big one. When it was close to being finished, a lot of people came up to me and said "Gee-- did you build that??. How could you do it? It is so big! I couldn't build anything like that - you must be very clever" -- or words to that effect. I said "well I started with two pieces of wood, a drill , a screw and a screwdriver. I joined the two pieces of wood together with the screw. Then I got another piece of wood and joined it to the previous two. After a while it started to look like a boat - and after a lot longer it was a boat" .

I reckon our running is a bit like that. Every day we run adds a little bit to the person -- I think that I am starting to look just a little bit like a runner. My body doesn't even balk much at all anymore when I tell it to do 5Ks :)

How about you?? :)

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Agree totally Bazza, definitely becoming more of a 'runner'. I couldn't build a boat though, no matter where I started from! x


Me neither NE!! I did go on a woodwork course once, and every time the instructor came to me he would take the piece of wood off me and turn it over and hand it back to me. I was always working back to front. Ooops!

I'm with you Baz! I can now run 10 k without baulking. Couldn't run a yard back in October

Good innit this C25k lark

poppypugGraduate in reply to misswobble

Miss Wobble , that is amazing ! Makes up for your lack of woodworking skills , ha ha :-) xx I was the same with anything practical, woodwork,metalwork , you name it , I messed it up . I think the teachers of those subjects just used to humour me and say " Its good, what is it ? "

Seriously though , 10k is brilliant , well done ! :-) xxx


Blimey Baz ! Well done, that is awesome ! :-) xxx


We'll call you Noah in future then! How's the running in the rain?

My dad built a boat, when we were kids, in the front garden, a 22 foot sloop, fully kitted out with loo and galley as well as 6 berths. He built the hull upside down then half the street turned out to help him turn it the right way up when it was time. My uncle went to work one day only to be greeted with a colleague saying 'some nut is building a boat in his front garden in Overbury Crescent', his reply was 'that's my brother!!'


You're totally right. I started 5 months ago & struggled with the one minute runs. Now I can run 5k - dare I say - comfortably. Our boats can only get bigger :)

poppypugGraduate in reply to LSBeech75

Hey LS, were not talking just boats, were aiming for massive cruise liners here ! :-) xxx


It's just like eating an elephant! One bite at a time and before you know it you're on dessert!

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