Couch to 5K

Hmm running whilst maintaining a conversation on the phone and keeping pace at 6mins/km...So proud!! :D even if the boyf thought i was nuts!

So i was struggling to fit in a run today but then due to not actually having much to do to my assignment till see the lecturer tomoz I could fit 1 in. Made my day as it would be my third day without getting out there otherwise and I didn't have a great run on Sat. Managed to keep a steady pace wiv my slowest 1k being 6.04 and totaled 7.66k in 45mins. Is the best pace i've managed in a while especially for the longer distances. The highlight however was keeping pace whilst running over a bridge on a canal path and negotiating the slightly overgrown path on the other side....... Whilst maintaining a conversation on the phone!!! It was the only opportunity to talk to the boyf all day tho as we're both flat out busy atm. Having entered a 10k in June i am now feeling optimistic that i'll be able to do it in under an hour. Is the goal anyway but the pace was comfortable. Still undecided about a half marathon in October but might see if there's any 10milers in between the 10k and half marathon and i'll be able to up hill training when i finish uni and return to Cornwall.. Oh joys!


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