Wk6 Run3 completed

Despite my bruising and cuts on my knees, shins and the lump of skin missing from my hand from my tumble on the canal towpath I have run 25 minutes at a reasonable pace. I am really pleased I have managed it as I felt a wreck yesterday and was worried the fall would set me back just when I have found a nice steady pace and that positive mental attitude to keep going to the end when I am getting out of breath and my legs are really heavy. Shows the C25K plan really does work and this forum is great for encouragement and support, thanks folk.

3 Replies

  • Hey, well done. That was a nasty tumble you described the other day, so to come back an finish w6 comfortably is great. Good luck with w7.

  • Well done. Now keep that pace through W7, and then you're only 2 weeks from graduation… Congrats again.

  • Well done on finishing week 6 especially with the injuries from the fall - you must still have been feeling under par. You are now two thirds of the way through the programme and it's all solid runs now - the weeks will fly by. Good luck with the start of W7 and best wishes.

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