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Running with a double buggy

Hi everyone, this is my first post as I only started on Sunday.

I had twins 5 months ago and would like to run in the day (nap time) with the girls in the buggy. I'm assuming it will be a bit harder but if I run on the flat I should be ok I hope!!

I was wondering if anyone else runs with a buggy and how you find it? I have an out and about nipper so its a 3 wheeler with good suspension.

Thanks xxxx

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Lots of folks run with buggies and do so at Parkruns too, so you're not alone. There is a blog of a young lady who famously runs with a buggy, Julie Creffield is her name and the blog is called something like The Fat girls guide to running

Not saying you are overweight of course! LOL


Best of luck. My dauaghter is 20 months now. We have a normal 3 wheel buggy for her. I used to take her out in this when running but I found it uncomfotable because I am (relatively) short. My OH seems quite comfortable when he takes her out on his runs in her buggy. It is pretty straightforward and we haven't found the need to get a specialist running buggy yet - though I suspect that if we wanted to take her out on long runs, it would be worth investing in one. I prefer to use a sling but these aren't really reccommended because of the potenial risks. You are probably better sticking to the buggy, so as long as you can manage it along your planned routes you should be ok. One of my friends has twins and she runs with them in a special running buggy. I envy her toned upper body :-)


I run with my one year old in the buggy. When it's not broken, I use the three-wheeler. At the moment, he's in an ancient back-facing pram :O which is a leetle bit challenging to push at speed! Great way to get fit without having to find someone to mind the sprogs, though.


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