Couch to 5K

MightDieTrying.... I didn't mean it literally!

W4R2... Boy that was tough. Harder than R1. I literally thought I might die trying today. Got off to a bad start... First 3 min run was on a steep hill. It wiped me and I couldn't even finish the 3 mins, so I thought go home or start again. I opted for starting again, 5 min walk and all!

I did it, I got to the end but only through sheer determination and pride. It has really put the fear in me for next week tho!! :-O!! But I will apply same technique next week... Sheer bloody mindedness!! :-)

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Well done on completing the second run of W4. If you can find somewhere flat to run it would be a bit easier for you - I have never tackled a hill - even a slight slope takes it out of me. There is nothing really to worry about with week 5 - you have done the work and trained up to it so you should be ready for it. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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