Couch to 5K

Me and Laura have parted company

Did my first run of week 7 this morning and decided to go with a mix of runkeeper and my own tracks.

I did miss her but running with runkeeper is interesting. For those who dont know it gives 5 minute splits of time, distance, pace per km, current speed and pace, etc.

The pace was very interesting as it dropped by almost 40 seconds per km from the first 5 minutes until the last.

Still shy of the 5k on my run (4.73km compared to 4.78km on w6r3) but hopefully Thursday will be better. Only 8 more to go.

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Well done on completing the first run of week 7. There's no need to worry about distance at the moment, it's achieving the 30 minutes of running in week 9 that the programme focuses on. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thanks fitmo. The 5k will come in its own good time.


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