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Anyone else's heart rate take hours to return to normal?!

I don't know what my heart rate is when I'm running (and I don't want to know because I would probably freak myself out!), but I know your heart rate should drop below 120 within 5 minutes of working out - and it does, but then it takes HOURS to resemble anything like normal! My resting heart rate taken before getting up in the morning averages 62/63, I would say being up and about doing normal stuff it's about 70. After I finished the cool down today (I have started wk 1 again), it was 93, at 15mins 87, and at 1hr 84! It was in the high 70s for hours, and only now, 5 hours later, is it back to normal. Am I just spectacularly unfit (this is highly possible!)? I did read that your laying in bed heart rate is the one that counts, and so long as that doesn't deviate more than 2-4 beats the following day, your heart is OK and is recovering from the exercise just fine.

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Well, I picked my daughter up from school immediately after the cool down (worked out my route so I finished there), and talked to her perfectly normally on the walk home. I went to the GP last week because I was getting a sore chest the day after exercise - she listened to my heart (admittedly for a nanosecond!), declared all was fine. I also had an ECG at the hospital a month ago, again, all normal. I do suffer from anxiety, particularly health anxiety, so I'm sure that plays a large part.


The sore chest could be the muscles in your chest and between your ribs telling you that you are stretching them more than they are used to. A result of the new deep breathing efforts. Just like mild leg aches after the runs.


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