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Ouch foot pain

Hi when I run I get a pain in my right foot just past the heel up to the ball of my foot along the edge but does go away but wondered if anyone knows what this is and if I can do anthing to help it - I have supportive trainers recommended for my gait ...its a nuisance and takes the edge off the fun knowing I have to run past it everytime and getting fed up with it ! Thanks

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Ive seen a chiropodist about the same problem previously, get a golf ball and rotate your heel over it in circular motions, it hurts but the chiropodist said it will hurt at the beginning, it does ease the pain, i also bought some sorbothene heel inserts, problem seems to have gone now, hope this helps!


Thanks for the advice - at running group tonight I mentioned it to the leader and she looked at my shoes...extra set of lace holes I hadnt seen so it could be that ! Trainers relaced and will see if thats the issue on my next run.....if to the local golf course to hunt for lost balls lol :-D


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