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I want to start the couch to 5k again, but I have had my ovaries removed by having a laparoscopy. It has been 3 weeks on Weds, but my 3 puncture wounds are not healing properly. Been to docs, and he has given me some anti biotics as they are still weeping. The hospital said I could go back to work after a week, but have been unable to do so as the wounds keep opening, and I need to bend down for my job (chiropodist). I am getting very impatient now!! How long do you think it will be before I can start?

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I had keyhole surgery last year and know how frustrating it feels being so inactive! But you really need to be fully better before you attempt any sort of exercise so you don't do yourself any harm. Your wounds may look superficial but you are still healing up inside as well, remember. Talk to your doctor about how long you need to wait but I expect it will be another few weeks at least yet.

Get yourself 100% recovered first - that's the main thing. Hope you feel better soon :) xxx

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Thank you spiky_moss. I take on board what you have said, and I have a doctors appointment on Friday, so I will bring it up with him then. x


My SIL had a hysterectomy last year, and was suppose to be walking for 30 minutes a day by week 6. It took much longer.

Please speak to your dr.


You might like to check out the blog ...her latest post is a progress report a year on from her op,but if you go back through her archives some of what she writes may be helpful ...she writes well too !

Hope you get the go ahead from your doc soon.Good luck :)

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