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W7 - run 2 done... without Laura!

Run one was dreadfully slow, and as life happened inbetween 5 days passed without a run - when I went out this morning I thought I would have found it hard to do 25 minutes, so decided on a plan B: run 15 minutes, walk 1 , run 10... and I did not take Laura with me, I really cannot stand the music, have to wear a tight headband to keep the earphones in - on top of that they hurt - but have spent all my savings on new shoes so I can't get those fancy earphones that don't fall off every step and don't hurt my ears...Ok, rant over...

And then I did it! run the whole 25 minutes, a bit faster than the last time, with the pleasant sound of the wind and birds around me! I think I'll let Laura and her music rest for a while...

Obviously my body needs more than one day rest - whenever I try a run every second day it is really hard, while if I leave 2 days it's ok. This time I left 5 days - not inactive, I do walk 45 min to 1 hour every day, and the 2 days a week I don't it is because I work 6 to 7 hours standing on my feet - after which the only thing I can do is a bit of yoga or swim) - and still my run felt better than the previous one. Does anyone else experience this?

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I'm with you about the music. Some of it is okay, but some is awful! I did W7R3 today and when I set out I found my iPod had wiped the podcast, so I made do with my watch and Radio 4. I like the birdies singing but I hate the sound of myself gasping like a stranded fish!


Well done on completing W7R2. I can understand your annoyance with the music on the Laura podcasts - I stuck it until graduation but now I have gone with Samantha Murphy - much nicer. I tend to agree that an extra day or so of rest is beneficial. It's not for everyone mind, some people say it makes it harder for them to get going again, but most people feel that the extra day pays dividends in the long term. I'm seriously thinking about cutting my running down to just two days a week as I feel fresher when I have more than just the one day between running days. Good luck with your third run of the week and best wishes.


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