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Hi All,

I graduated the c25k programme last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately as the weather worsened and due to a stressful house move (complete relocation) I fell of the wagon and have pretty much done nothing since Xmas. I'm back restarting the C25k programme (now on wk2) and although I didn't need to start from scratch I'm now running with a friend who is a little less fit than me so it seemed a good idea to start at the beginning.

Anyway in a bid to remain motivated I have invested in a fitbit one. I've always fancied one as I have sleep issues and I am interested in the sleep tracker aspect, but now I think the goals and motivation side of things will definitely be of help. I'm gearing up to run a ten k this year and a half marathon in 2015.

If anyone on here uses the fitbit - care to share your experience of it? suggestions for getting the most from it?


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There are lots of us using Fitbit, we've got an NHS C25K group over at the Fitbit if you would like to join.

It's a very good motivational tool, I have targets that I try to achieve each day and I have often found myself doing something extra that perhaps I might not done otherwise. I have several friends using it also, including some family members and my wife which helps.

I used to religiously log my sleep but I've got out of the habit of doing it lately. My wife logs hers though and oftens blames me for disturbing it most nights at some point :)


Excellent thanks - Will definitely sign up once it arrives. I'd be scared to log my wife's sleep - she'd realise just how much she gets!


I've had a Fitbit for nearly a year now and it's been a big help and a great motivator. I use it in conjunction with My Fitness Pal where I keep track of what I'm eating too. I don't log my sleep, as seeing how many times I woke up made me anxious about not sleeping and that made me not able to get to sleep! I also find it inspires me to do a little bit more each day to hit my targets.


I love he idea of being able to link it with My Fitness Pal. I used that last year and have fallen off that wagon too. Will be good to get back on it. Glad to hear people are using their fitbits a year down the line. I think the sleep tracker is going to be a real eye opener for me. I work shifts and often make do with 3 1/2 - 4 hours with a 2 hour nap later in the day. Interested if this is good quality sleep or not


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