Anyone done a 3km Race?

Getting (very) ahead of myself - I'm only on week 4. I was idly browsing the Find A Race website and came across a 3k race in Fleetwood - it's being run before a 10k race. It seems like fate - it's local and it falls just a the stage I would be doing 3k, and it sounds like a fun event. It's open to adults and kids. As you can probably tell I quite fancy signing up but my worry is I've never heard of a 3k race before and I'm worried I might be on my own, maybe with loads of children whilst all the other adults get ready for the 10k. Thinking I might enlist one of my kids too so I can pretend keep them company! Any experience or ideas?

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  • Enlisting one of your children would probably be good anyway - keep you on your toes a bit plus be a bit of company. I have heard of the odd 3K race but they seem to be few and far between although I am given to understand plenty of adults sign up for them. I would love it if there was a 3K anywhere near me because I think it's a lovely distance for a first event and something most people could manage. You could try contacting the organisers to get a bit more information. I'd go for it myself though. Whatever you decide - good luck and best wishes.

  • I did the sports relief mile at around week five, which is approx 3k. It was fun and have me a real confidence boost.

  • You might find that folks who want to run really fast will enter a 3 k as it's a sprint, similar to the 5 k is for speed merchants. Good training for us though who run at a more sensible pace. Don't you go doing too much too soon though will you Annie! Good luck

  • Thankyou all - great advice and support as usual!

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