Couch to 5K

W8 r1 Finally!!!!!

I hadn't run since Tuesday as my left knee and lower back had been more than achy. I've been icing and ibuprofening both but just didn't feel up to it. Had an early night last night (9.30 on a Saturday night, such a saddo ) and felt better today. I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did. 27min non stop . two more runs to go then on to week 9. Sitting on the couch with a smug smile ^_^

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Well done on your first run of week 8 even though you didn't feel like it at first. The extra rest time might have helped - I find extra rest days are beneficial once in a while. As to an early night - nothing wrong with that, I often go to bed about 9p.m. with a book and my Ovaltine. Good luck on your next run and best wishes.


You deserve to feel smug! Good going.


Wahay!!!! Great stuff. Glad your body held out! LOL

Mo! I want Ovaltine now you mentioned it. Love the stuff I do. Mmmmmmm


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