Couch to 5K

Slow progress but up to week 4

After a bit of illness it has taken a long time to move on, but I am now halfway through week 4 and able to run for 16 minutes broken up into sets of 3 and 5 minutes. Feeling so much more energetic, and since starting to watch my diet in January and now doing C25K I have lost almost a stone. Feeling pretty motivated to keep going - I hope it lasts...

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Well done Fifilondon, don't you just love that feeling of getting better and better every week? Good luck and keep going x


Really well done in getting this far and for the weight loss. Fab. Don't worry about how long it takes. You're not in a hurry are you? It took me ages to complete the programme for various reasons but got there in the end. Enjoy the journey!


Well done on getting so far with the programme. You are not just halfway through week 4, you are now halfway through the whole thing. Well done also on your weight loss. You've achieved a lot in a fairly short space of time so you deserve to feel chuffed. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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