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Week 2 done!

So in my last post I said Week 2 run 1 was easier than I expected, and I had a spring in my step last Sunday.

I planned to do my second run on Wednesday, but after being called through the night for work, I overslept and ended up having to drive my kids to the bus for school as we were running late, so not the greatest start to the day. But despite that I felt it was important not to slip and so I went ahead with the run before work. I found it more difficult than the first run, partly as on the way back I was running into a headwind. I felt tired again before the 3rd again before work on Friday. It was all I could do to keep going, and unlike last week I felt there was nothing in the tank at the end. But I made it which felt good.

On a positive note - my right knee niggle seems to have disappeared and it was mainly my calves feeling tired that held me back. The other positive was that I've been using Endomondo to track my runs, to help motivate me and see how much progress I've made. I was astonished that the last run was a personal best for time - I managed just over 3 km in 30 mins. Looking at the lap times, my first km was the fastest ever, and I think possibly the problem was I set off too fast and ran out of puff.

So my lessons learned this week are that even when I feel tired I can do it; I need to keep an eye on my speed and slow down again at the start of the run; and that I'm already doing 3k in 30 mins (albeit mostly brisk walking) and so 5k feels achievable in a couple of months.

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Youre right to keep your eye on your pace, especially as the runs get progressively longer but the course is designed to give you the stamina to complete that 30 minute Holy Grail.

Good luck


Well done on completing week 2 - it's a tremendous achievement considering the problems you had that tried to get in the way of it. At this stage you don't need to worry too much about distance. The focus of the programme is to get you running 30 minutes non stop by W9. Very few people achieve the 5K in that time until well after graduation. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo


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