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w3r3 and puddle jumping!


woooohooooo! W3r3 successfully completed this morning! After the usual 10 minute struggle with the sports bra, I toddled off down to the tow path. Looking forward to a wet run and some puddle jumping Molly dog and I set off running. Lots of puddles but no rain again. The last 3 minute run was a little bit harder today, think I was a bit tired but did it. Have been getting up early to do my running first thing. I find there is less chance of finding any excuses than later in the day. Don't know whether I am looking forward to week 4 or not, but hey bring it on!

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Does Molly dog run through the puddles or somehow skip around them? My dog Betsy has an uncanny ability to always keep her feet dry, no matter how wet the surface!

I quite like running *through* puddles; it makes me feel like a kid again.

Running66Graduate in reply to marmiteandhoney

Hi m & honey, Molly dog is choosy about puddles. If they are muddy she runs through them and round them if they are clean puddles! I'm running through them at the moment trying to lose that brand spanking new look on my trainers.


Well done on completing week 3. Sounds like a nice run - towpaths are always scenic I find. Sorry you missed the rain - we had plenty of it here early this morning! Don't worry about week 4 - I found it a really nice week to do and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

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