Couch to 5K

Push that body, punish that body (c) JuicyJu 2014

Hey JuicyJu this week I found a new way to PTBPTB. I calculated that it is exactly 3km from my house to the church hall where I do my weekly Pilates class so I decided to run there & back. I can highly recommend it as a real full-body workout, though running home all up hill was a bit tough after an hour of torture. Next week I must remember to leave more than 15 minutes to get there if I am not to drip all over their mats though...

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Ooh! Running after Pilates is really tough as I found to my surprise a couple of weeks ago. Easy to underestimate the amount of effort required!


aww love it!!! wow and well done, great workout :)

Pilates eh?? I really should do it!!!


It's roughly 2.7km to the swimming pool from here, cozzie on under running kit, money and keys in my belt, swim hat in my shorts pocket and my tiny towel tucked between my belt and me; and if there's energy left after the swim I can extend the run home. Great fun!

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