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Glasgow Women's 10k

Anyone else running the women's 10k in Glasgow tomorrow? This will be my first proper 10k race!! (I did the sport relief 6 miles but it ended up much shorter than that due to dodgy measuring of the laps!) It will also be by far the biggest race I have ever done, which is exciting but makes me nervous! Has anyone done it in previous years? It's also the first race where I have no idea what the course is like - hopefully not too hilly!!

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Good luck with the 10k. I think it is fairly flat from memory of spectating previously


Hey Muzik, didn't see this post before the event I took part yesterday, the weather was fab, the one hill nothing special, really enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere.


It was a fab atmosphere wasn't it??! So much support all the way along. I was in the pink wave and finished in 1hr 16 so pretty pleased with that :) it measured 10.2k on strava so just a fraction longer. So well organised with the buses etc as well and absolutely fantastic goody bag!


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