If at first you don't succeed...Week 8 run 2

Hello all you super people

After my last stuttering run, went out this morning and pleased to report that I am back and firing on all cylinders

Really positive run and could have gone on for the full 30 mins but wanted to keep on track with the programme

I will confess I went with my own musical mix, but really miss Laura (Deff Leppard helped me along the way!)

What a difference a couple of days make

For all those who have had bad runs, I am with you 100%, just don;t give up

My heartfelt thanks to you all for your previous comments and encouragement, you are all absolutely amazing and as in other posts I have been reading, you are my virtual running club

Go C25K


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  • Glad to hear you are back on track Chris!

  • Pleased you have managed to get back out there again. Well done on your run and good luck with the next one. Best wishes.

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