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w3r3 what a struggle!


Went for w3r3 today and what a struggle why would w3r2 be better i ask myself.

at the first three minutes i found myself about to stop and the last three minutes well i was really struggling that tears were rolling down my face ,when i finished my legs felt wobbly my knee hurt and i felt quite lightheaded . Am dreading week 4 have not looked what it entails but hope i can do it.

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but, but, but.... I bet you felt AWESOME a little while later, when it really thunk in how much you have already progressed?

If at any time you feel you just cant keep up with the constant increase in running time, then just repeat your current run a few times more. It may say on the tin that it's a 9 week programme, but there is absolutely no shame in taking longer if you need it. The main thing is that you stick to getting out and run on a regular basis.

Hope you're enjoying the glow after a well deserved shower already!


Aah, you felt yourself about to stop after the first three minutes...but you didn't....and the last three minutes you struggled....but you did it. At week 3 this is still all quite new for your body and nobody said it was easy. It's when you get going again after these 'difficult' runs that you will likely see the most progress even if you decide to redo the run, or redo the week. Don't look to see what is coming up in Week 4, just go with flow. The progress is sure and steady if you follow the programme. Keep up the good work !!


You did it!!!!

I know it was difficult. Its that way for us all but week 3 is complete. :D

Have a few days rest and then put it out of your mind and give week 4 a go. The programme is designed for incremental improvements in stamina. Take it nice and slowly, you are not in a race. The only person you have to impress is yourself, and we are all our own toughest critics.

And if you dont manage week 4 (and I think you will - you sound like you have the mental fortitude by completing week 3 while your body screamed STOP) you can try it again. Think about this - you are a third of the way through!!!

Good luck with week 4 and keep us posted on your progress


Well done on finishing what sounds like a really tough session. Sometime this happens and there is no rhyme or reason to it. Have a couple of days rest, be kind to yourself and then maybe give the first run of week 4 a try. If it doesn't work out you can always do a couple more runs from week 3. I reckon you'll be fine with week 4 though. Enjoy your weekend, good luck and best wishes.

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