W2R2 Completed Painful Feet

Yesterday I finished my 2nd run of week 2. During the run and afterwards the heel and ball of my foot have been hurting quite badly. I have put this down to poor trainers so have been out and purchased a pair of New Balance 610's. Hopefully this will help. Tomorrow me and the wife will be in Manchester so I am planning to run around Bramhall Park.

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  • Sounds like a wise decision with the new trainers. Be aware, though, that the pain can point to a medical condition (see here: nhs.uk/conditions/heel-pain...

    One lesson I have learnt the hard way (I'm currently sitting at home looking at the beautiful weather that begs me for a run) is that it's wise to listen to pain from your body. If something hurts, there's a good chance it's because it's bad.

    Hope everything goes well in Manchester, and that the pain goes away soon.

  • Don't be afraid NOT to run tomorrow if the pain is still bad. Take another rest day if you need to

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