Just done wettest run yet! yuk! but in training for my big sunday challenge!!! EEK! need encouragement!! :)

Just done wettest run yet! yuk! but in training for my big sunday challenge!!! EEK! need encouragement!! :)

Just been out in the pouring rain, really heavy and windy! only managed 3.5k but not bad considering the conditions! But need to keep fit as Sunday is the annual Walk the Wight event over here and my older sister, brother and i are attempting the whole thing!! see below!:

"The original Main Walk of 26.5 miles from Bembridge to the Needles at Alum Bay. This epic walk is predominantly along walking trails across including the Bembridge and Tennyson Trails and takes in some of the most beautiful sights the Island has to offer. This walk also takes in some trails and private land that are closed to the public for the rest of the year."

there are lots of hills!!! Wish me luck. I've done the whole thing only once before, but have done the 2nd half 13.5 miles probably for the last 8 yrs with the odd gap! And apparently its going too be windy and rainy! Hoping my new strengthened legs will carry me through to the end, will give it my best shot!

Also have fancy dress parkrun on Saturday (western theme!) for their 3rd birthday, think its raining then too!!! :)


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19 Replies

  • Thankyou!! its a great atmosphere and quite something to see that huge stream of people ahead of you! hope its not TOO wet!

  • WOWZA aliboo70 - 26 miles??? Bloomin' 'eck luv, that's a fair old walk innit?!!

    Best of luck. Take some band aid with you in case you get a blister. And some sandwiches. And some beer. And wear layers.....don't want to get too hot!

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  • Thanks Superdan for the superadvice! going to wear my sporty running gear and take a dry set as extra! yes lots of plasters, some new bouncy insoles, plenty of snacks! usually stop at "brook" hill as they give out mars bars and there is a cappuccino van! Good before the killer hill after that! there is a bar at the end for a beer, and usually live music and a radio dj! its good fun and you get a medal, even the dogs get a special doggy medal! :) you lot will keep me going! :)

  • LOL

    Good luck Ali. Wear decent walking boots to support your ankles for gawd's sake. The walk will make you ache for a while afterwards I suspect so get some painkillers in, oh and the ice pack ready. We'll be there with you in spirit so think about us daft lot giving you tips to help you round. Thick of Dan in his Superman outfit, me wobbling at the back, Ju out front panthering. It's gonna be a blast I just know it

  • you don't sound like you wobble much now!!! its is a lovely walk , typical- the last time i did the whole thing it rained 80% of the way too !! hope the forecast improves! hoping to post a victory photo! :)

  • Sounds like you'll have a wonderful Sunday, although I concur with KittyKat007 that you might need a bit of rain gear.

  • might look for a new jacket tomorrow as all my waterproofs are a bit C**P! will be good fun! 6am start tho! :(

  • Sounds like a fab day out good luck my advice would be take a dustbin sack with you....great for sitting on or wearing if it gets really cold and windy, easy to pack and easy to throw away if Mr.Sunshine does come out :)

  • good idea i will do that! :) sure whatever the weather it will be fun in a torturous way! i will discover what difference (or not) this training since Jan has done!! :)

  • Hmm, just over marathon distance then? A bit more training and you'll be running it next year! ;)

    Don't forget to stretch - I know it's "only walking" but you'll regret it on Monday if you don't. Sounds like a seriously long time to be on your feet - hope they provide some refreshments on the way for you.


  • well theres confidence!! Would love to do a marathon one day but think it will take me a while longer yet!! there is a "run the Wight" too for those mad folk who like a challenge on the same day! ! will try and get up extra early for stretching! yes there are regular check ins with bottles of water and squash and portaloos!! some of the hills are killers!! and the last stretch over Tennyson down seems to go on FOREVER!! :)

  • Ooh Ali, have a great time, how nice to be with your brother and sister too! I hope the weather isn't too unkind for your walk and Parkrun. Good luck with both and let us all know how it goes x

  • As long as we can all keep together! my sister is a bit of a strong girl who likes to overtake people! my brother did all but last 5 miles last year, he sat down for a coffee and then couldn't get moving again! So i won't do that at freshwater! my neice is joining us at half way point, and my dad will go off on his own, he usually beats me and is 79 soon but only doing the 13.5 miles !Hoping for not ALL rain!! :)

  • Good luck with your event on Sunday - I doubt I could walk 6.5 miles let alone the other 20. Hope the weather isn't too bad for it, have a good time and best wishes.

  • i think you would be surprised! its a bit of an institution over here and a great atmosphere! thanks for your support! :)

  • Sounds like fun! and of course your strong legs will be fine!! Take lots of goodies!! Good luck Aliboo, it will give a taster of marathon endurance too! :)

  • i will take loads of goodies, yum! got my running jellybeans in stock! its a long old hike but usually fun! :)

  • That's a biiiiig walk - but I have every faith that you can do it. Wind & rain?? Pah! Bring it on!! AND a fancy dress fun run - you're a busy lady, you should be proud of all this though :) good luck with it all - I'm doing my first 5k race on Sunday too :)

  • I'm definitely more sporty than before!! hope i can defy the elements and my feet hold out! Good luck for your 5k, you can do it no probs! :)

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