Week 8 Run 1 was ragged....and not pretty

I found it very tough. I did it at the end of a working day which for me, is less manageable than first thing in the morning anyway. For the first time had to stop, briefly, twice....matter of seconds and because of guilt, added the equivalent onto the end of the podcast! Am using MapmyRun and find that I am only covering around 4K in my sessions....because I am slow I doubt I will ever achieve 5k in 30 minutes....anyone else in that boat?


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  • i understand where you are coming from, i was the same, always worried that i wouldn't get to 5k in 30mins. It was explained to me not to worry, the aim is to run non stop for 30mins, the distance is not relevant at the moment, you can set yourself that challenge after you graduate for 30mins. I still cant run 5k in 30mins it takes me over 40mins but i don't worry anymore, i am active for that time 3 times a week and i know the speed will come eventually. Enjoy your achievements so far and give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with it.

  • Yes , me, but because I was aiming for the 5k distance I just run to the distance and not to the time. I don't care if it's slow, although when I did a Parkrun I was nearly last but my age related score wasn't bad at all so speed per se isn't everything.

  • I'm in that boat too! I just gradually increased my run to 5k after graduating and then found my times were coming down gradually. I'm still not there but just get out and enjoy it. Speed will come later so don't worry, you are doing great! x

  • First you have to build up to being able to run a full 30 mins. Then once you can do that you can start to work on speed. It's a different challenge and one you will be ready for once you graduate xxx

  • Loads of us are in the same boat. I graduated last year and still take about 37 mins to do the 5 k. Who cares? A year ago I could hardly run for one minute. Just concentrate on running for the 30 mins - the rest can come later. Not lon to graduation!

  • Reply to all - brilliant and sensible advice....what matters is doing it at all! Thank you and good luck to everyone x

  • No shame in stopping for a walk. I do it all the time when I need to get my breath bath. I think it helps in the long run

    I still can't run 5 k in under half an hour, doubt if I ever will, but I keep running in the hope and expectation that one day I'll nail it. A girl's gotta have a dream. On we go .....

  • If I didn't stop for a breather on my 10K's I'd be a broken man! Sometimes I take a walk break on 5K - depends how I'm feeling. But don't worry - your speed will come, even if it takes a few months, Don't despair, the thing to do is build stamina and the more you do it the more your body will gete SOOOO used to it. Keep going - you're doing great!

  • At the moment, the aim of the programme is to slowly build stamina, week by week, until you can run non-stop for 30 minutes. Speed and distance do not matter at this stage. Once you have completed the entire programme you can download podcasts which will help you work on speed and distance although it will take time because you need to increase both at a steady rate. You will need to have patience for the time being - don't forget, everything comes to he who waits. Good luck and best wishes.

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