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Can you do a 'reply all' to people's replies to my post?

I've had some lovely and really supportive replies to my post yesterday - is there a way to send a 'reply all' to all the posts or do I need to reply to each one individually? In some instances I would want to reply different things to different people, but to yesterday's post I just want to say thank you to everyone who replied. I'm not so clever with technology so any guidance would be great.

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No I don't think there is a way to reply to all


If u want tp reply individually, u can do so by hitting "reply to this" at the end of the message. If u want to reply to the whole group in that conversation just hit "submit reply" however these are still group posts and everyone can see. If u want to respond privately, click on the peraon's name at the top of their post and go right to the bottom of the messages and hit "send a message. " Hope that helps. Xxx


If you reply to yourself you can then address everyone else who responded - as kickibro says - then your reply will follow on to everyone's rather than only being in response to a single poster.


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