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I completed W6R1 yesterday on the treadmill. As I had completed W5R3 on Saturday morning, I thought I could increase my speed slightly on the interval runs! WRONG! I increased from 7kms/hr only up to 7.3km/hr but only just managed the first 5 mins at that rate and had to go back to 7km/hr for the 8 min and final 5 min run....was a toughy but managed it all the same. Haven't looked to see what the next run will be...I will wait until tomorrow to meet my fate! :-)

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Aha! Week 6 is most definitely NOT the time to think about increasing speed/pace etc. This catches people out (I thought I'd mentioned this about W6?). Going back to intervals is one of the toughest changes and week 6 is sometimes though of as the 'killer' week - it's almost certainly the toughest of the programme. Your next run is also intervals and you would be best to slow things right down and keep it steady. Stay calm and you should be okay. Well done on completing week 5 and good luck with your next run. Best wishes.


Yes, I realised very quickly to get back to the usual speed and just make sure I completed the run - thankfully I did :-) Looking forward to run 2 tomorrow - thanks for the advice and encouragement - much appreciated.


At least u still did it. You really want to run steadily now as at tjis point u r looking at building stamina and endurance not speed. Well done on getting to week 6 in the plan - almost there!


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