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W1R2- survived another one

Thank you to all replying to my last post and I have managed today to complete run 2 it was still hard but felt more relaxed knowing what was coming. the only issue I have is my dog runs off when I am supposed to be walking and I have to run after him so am doing more running than actual walking not a bad thing eh! But my feet are killing me I think it's my trainers but am loathed to go and buy some others but if I do I want to have them measured and correct ones but where do I go???

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Won't your dog just run up and back a bit? Mine used to kind of lap me when I was still at the walking/running stage.


Bluewater, sweatshop. Or is there one closer?

For Sam, carry a ball? Leave his jacket on so he's working? Keep him on the lead?


I think most of us start off in trainers we already have and, in many cases, they are already worn out and unsuitable. There is really no substitute for getting gait analysis and the correct running shoes for your gait. There are plenty of good running shops such as those already mentioned, I use Up and Running. It might be worth looking on the internet to see where your nearest shop is and then think about what you want to do regarding trainers - at the end of the day it is your choice. Well done on your second run, good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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