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Garmin Forerunner: 10 vs. 110, Which is Best?

The friend who introduced me to C25K enthused about her Garmin Forerunner 10 so I bimbled over to Amazon for a shufty. I note that the "10" is currently only £5 cheaper than the "110". Does anyone know if the extra fiver for the 110 is worth it (the designs of each are slightly different which may or may not indicate different functionality). One of the reviewers says that Garmin's own descriptions of their products are inaccurate, hence my asking the good people on here!

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The 110 has a longer battery life and retains more of your activities - compare them at

Some of the 110 models also work with a heart rate monitor if that's your thing.


Really appreciate the helpful reply (and link). Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply! Decisions, decisions... :-)


I've got 110 with heart monitor never had any issues , picks signal up by just placing it on window sill before I leave & battery life is good .


Thanks for the reply Rockette - very kind of you to take the time. I think I'll go with a 10 though, just because it's the one my friend has and - how shallow is this - I like the fact that it comes in different colour-ways! :-)


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