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Heart Rate Scare Week 2 Run 1

Hi all,

Gave myself a scare this morning using new heart rate monitor.

I started week 2 run 1 with five minute warm up walk at 5.5km/h and then skipped to 8km/h for first 90 sec run.

My heart rate dumped from 89 to 165+

Yes, I eased off for the next couple of runs, and found that on the third run my heart rate settled to about 130.

At first I wondered if I had been over-doing it but I now believe that I didn't warm up properly.

My next run is Wednesday morning, so I am going to try including a couple of shorter, 30 sec, runs in the warm up so that I don't frighten my heart again.

Any advice on warm up warmly welcomed.

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My heart rate still goes up pretty high when I first start running, 174bpm is not uncommon. Although you have a HR monitor, I think the key thing is not to be ruled by it, if you feel comfortable doing it your heart can cope with it. If you feel uncomfortable, then back off.

I often ignore my gadgets at the time and review my runs afterwards to see any patterns.


I think they call it the red zone when it goes really high. There are a few heart rate zone calculators on line. You can only train in these for a short amount of time. The best way is to slow down when it's gone up. Keep an eye on it, I had the problem at the beginning that it didn't come down so had to have a chat with my doc, all sorted now. The fact it came down to 130 is good as that's a good place to train. Enjoy your new toy.


thanks all appreciated


Make sure you're well hydrated and have slept well. Also, look at what you eat before a run. These things all have an impact on heart rate.

The heart is a muscle remember. It benefits from exercise. Your heart rate and recovery rate will improve with each run. Your warm up is fine. 5.5 to 8k sounds alright, but slow it down if your heart tells you to. but 130bpm is ok.


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