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Hurt my knee - how long till I can run again?

I'm a bit frustrated. I hurt my knee (the inside knee) while jogging down a steep hill a week ago, and it's still niggly. It seemed to get a bit better after 3 days or so, but as my job involves going up and down stairs (I'm a house cleaner) carrying a vac, I seem to have set it back again. I have a support bandage on it a lot of the time, but every so often if I put my foot down a certain way it twinges my knee.

I'm desperate to get out there running again, how long is this going to take to heal... :-(

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I know how frustrating it is , I'm going through the waiting game same as you ( hip ) but if you run on it you will put your self back , it's not worth it . I'd say go to the gp if it's been a week just to be on safe side . I'm going Tuesday mines been ten days . Good luck .


Thanks Rockette, I know it's just a waiting game but it's frustrating as I just want to get back out running ASAP. Good luck with getting the hip back to 100%


If it's still niggling after a week then it's a visit to the GP to be on the safe side. Best wishes.


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