I caved and entered Race For Life!

I'd been mulling over entering a Race for Life, but had decided to wait until I'd at least finished week 5 before committing. Well week 5, run three will be attempted tomorrow, but due to encouragement from some friends I signed up this morning! I guess worse case scenario is I run some and walk some, but at least it means I have absolutely no excuse to give up now! My race is on the 22nd June! Here's hoping I can at least get near to graduation by then!

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  • Well done for signing up - funnily enough I signed up for mine the day I did W5R2. It helped me take a more relaxed approach to the rest of the programme - which helped get me through to graduation. My race is the week before yours. If you need to do part walk and part run - no matter - it's what I plan to do. The R4L is flexible enough to do pretty much as you want. Good luck with your next run and very best wishes.

  • 6 weeks away, waaaayyyy after graduation. Enjoy it! (I've signed up for a 5k one with the gym ladies and a 10k one with a friend (she's walking the 5k route so we should finish sort of together).)

  • I think it's a great thing to have a goal to aim for - as well as finishing the c25k itself!

  • I'm also doing the Race for Life on the 22nd June, and also my Week 5 Run 3 is tomorrow! I'm doing the RFL with a few friends, who are walking it, so I'm going to see how I get on in the next 6 weeks, then I can just decide on the day whether to walk or jog. Good luck!

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