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What does Graduate mean ? How can I get the most of being on this forum ?


Hi there! I have been running for around 10 weeks perhaps a bit more. I joined this forum for support and advice/ or to support anyone else if I can.

My furthest running distance so far is 10 k. When I do run I usually do about 5/6 k (a few times a week)

I see some people have "Graduate " next to their name. What does that mean ? I can see a nine week programme which although I had not followed exactly as I was already running when I joined I can run the distances stated without stopping. Is there anything I need to do ? I am happy with my progress at the moment! Any advice would be greatly appreciated !! Someone mentioned a badge? Show me where to sign !! Thanks

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Hi missg82 and welcome to the site. This site is to help people who have taken up the challenge to learn to run using the NHS C25K (Couch to 5K) Podcasts. The name Graduate beside members names are runners who have completed the 9 week programme and have learned to run 5K and/or run for 30 minutes.

When this site and the programme became so very successful we wanted more, well as you would, so NHS brought out the additional podcasts called C25K+ Speed, Stepping Stones & Stamina these are designed to help after graduation to keep runners motivated and work towards building strength and stamina with a view to extending your distance from 5K to 10K.

Its a very friendly site, full of runners at all different levels and stages, some needing help and or guidance others who give just that. Friendships are formed albeit electronically but there is never a question asked that goes unanswered. So as an already established runner your views, ideas and comments will be welcome. The badge referred to is simply the name badge 'Graduate' Happy running :)

missg82 in reply to Oldgirl

Hi Oldgirl thank you I appreciate the feedback. I can see people are really supporting and helping each other which is brilliant. When I need guidance I certainly will post another question. Happy running to you also : )

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