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Well I am back! its been a long few months. I graduated last year and did the race for life and with one thing and another I fell out of the habit of running and didnt run again until October. I didnt have to start again from W1R1 but managed a decent 20 minutes. I only managed a couple of weeks of this and then stopped. I havent been out since:( My poorly pooch was diagnosed with diabetes and cushings disease in the November and until we got him settled (its taken until now) he has been up every night every hour for a long wee and long drink coupled with the stress of a mounting (and nearly at £2k vet bill) its been a horrible, horrible 6 months and I am glad we are approaching a dim and distant light at the end of the tunnel. Its still a struggle when he gets up every hour as its tiring and stressful and so running took a back seat. All my energy just went on staying awake at work. I hope I can get back into this. I'm more nervous that when I started last year!!! Will my body remember anything? Will I have to start again? Has anyone had 6 months off and had to start again? Where should I start? All and any encouragement gratefully received. Gutted at having to start again but I am taking the positive in this. I might read my posts from last year to see how far I got as a bit of a boost......Its good to be back (again:))

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Glad your dog is improving & sometimes running just has to be put on the back burner , that's life ! Regarding where to start , I'm 56 & had to take 9 wks off because of injury, I started at wk 1because I felt very unfit , it's trial & error you will have to start where you think & see how you go , your body will let you know im sure . I'm out of it again now , got to wk 8 , now got a sore hip , that was a wk ago , it's improved but not right . Good luck where ever you decide to start & good luck .


I'm sorry to hear about your dog but I'm glad he's diagnosed and is getting better! I'm sure you'll get into a rhythm and a routine with his medications and things.

Well done on feeling ready to start running again, starting is half the battle. I would suggest going for a run, seeing how far you can get without feeling like a rest then look for the week that is closest to that and see how you do. No pressure, no judgement I'm sure you'll get loads of support from the C25K'ers on here they've been lovely to me so far.


Sorry that your dog has been so unwell, it's obviously been a worrying time for you and little wonder you had no time or energy to run. I had a few months off for reasons I won't go into here and I started again at week 1. I tend to echo Rockette as she has a lot more experience of this that I have. As you have done C25K before you are already aware how hard it can be getting back into it at a fairly advanced week of the programme. Whatever you decide, good luck and best wishes.


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