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Had heart attack 7 years ago, just started programme, think I need a heart monitor, what would you recommend?

Yep, i had a mild heart attack seven years ago at the age of 43, and had a stent put in.

have been fairly inactive for past seven years, gaining weight up to 15stones.

Been on food diet since beginning of last December, now down to 12stones.

Started the programme on Monday, and completed 2nd run of week 1 this morning.

I am enjoying it, but as the treadmill heart rate monitor is not working, I feel it would be safer for me to have a monitor that will tell me when I am pushing to hard.

The one i am looking at is the Polar F1.

Advice, counsel, suggestions warmly welcomed.

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I can't offer advice on heart rate monitors because I have never used one (would need advice myself) but I did want to say welcome to this community and well done on starting this programme. You have done well on the weight loss - congratulations, as I know it is not easy.

Good luck with the next run, remember to keep it very slow and steady. Also, remember to take your rest days - this is the time when the muscles repair and recover to come back that bit stronger each time. Keep posting, you'll get lots of encouragement and support here. I daresay a few people will answer your query about the HRM during the evening - quite a few do use them. My best wishes to you.


Hello and welcome to this really friendly forum. The only thing I would say on heart rate monitors is have a good think about your future with running. If you plan to use an app to log your distance ie with your phone I would get one that goes with that rather than a watch. Phones use gps and they use bluetooth 2 or 4. Watches use a ant heart rate monitor. They are different technology. They are both good but one is a lot cheaper than the other. At the moment I use runtastic pro on android app with bluetooth but I would like to go garmin heartrate. I acknowledge I have probably given you more questions than answers. But tech and running has many different variations.. Some cheaper the others but ultimately we all tend to go towards saving up for garmin. Or that's where i am at now. Whatever you decide happy running.


Excellent advice from you both fitmo and real foodie club - I just wanted to say a big well done with the weight loss, that's a great achievement ! Just remember as mentioned take your rest days. I did nt listen and overdid it ! Not good ! I m new to this forum and have only asked one question so far to be met by brilliant thoughtful supportive answers ! Cheers guys . All the best and Good luck to you !


thank you all for support,

At this stage I am just looking for a simple HRM,

I would very much like to complete the 5k as in my youth i used to run 5miles most morning and 13miles on sunday just for the heck of it.

I was very much encouraged by the nhs BMI calculator, and enjoyed checking my weight each friday morning, and still do,LOL

wishing you all a good day, and keep on running.


I'll be interested in the responses too as I'd like to see the cardio impact of my gentle running.

My feeling is that you might be safer not running on a treadmill - with NHS C25K it is all about duration and not speed, and you can vary your own speed and listen to your own body better than any treadmill can.


I bought a heart monitor when I started running. Used it twice. Now it's collecting dust.

With your history, you might want to have a quick word with your GP rather than just soliciting input from runners on the internet :)

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I agree with Tomas about speaking to your GP. Also does your local NHS run sessions at the gym for recovering cardio patients? My husband had a stent fitted a couple of years ago. He had always been a runner before that and has been attending the sessions at the gym ever since rather than running round the park on his own. There is always someone on hand to give advice if you need it and all the necessary equipment is to hand. May be something else your GP could help with. Good luck!


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