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W5R1 a struggle and can't get run 3 out of mind!

A day later than planned I started W5 this morning and struggled from early on mostly with breathing. I never really felt comfortable at any stage even in the walks. I am wondering was it because I had an extra days rest or is it because my mind is focused on the dreaded 20 min run at the end of the week! Well the good thing is I finished it so onwards and upwards....

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Maybe you are thinking of R3, or maybe just going a bit fast. I wouldn't have thought one extra rest day would have made too much difference. It could be any number of reasons. Try not to worry about R3, I am sure you will be fine, its only 4 lots of 5 minutes (albeit without a break )and you can do that. Just take it very steady. You completed todays run so that's a good thing. I find when I think about breathing everything goes horribly wrong so I try to just jog along and do what comes naturally. x


Thanks for the tips and breaking down the run into sections of 5 mins actually really helps! Will let you know how it goes.


Well done for getting the first run of the week out of the way. An extra rest day shouldn't cause problems - rather the opposite as most people (myself included) say that an extra rest day makes the next run that bit easier with less ache to the legs. My guess is that you are getting panicky about the last run of the week. This is where you need to try to keep calm because the 20 minute run is NOT, I repeat NOT, as bad as people seem to think. For some reason it seems to have gained a reputation all of its own - unnecessarily in my opinion, because everyone says afterwards that they managed it okay. Try to take a philosophical view of it, keep calm and tell yourself it's only a little run. Good luck and best wishes but you CAN do it.


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