Couch to 5K

Had to reschedule Week 4 Run 3 for some point today!

Grrr, just when I was looking forward to getting out for my run, life gets in the way again! I'm ridiculously busy with end of year deadlines and exams for my degree, so trying to find even half an hour free for my run has proved difficult! I thought I'd found a way by deciding to run it on a treadmill at the uni gym, which isn't far from campus, so at least I could make it to my tutorial easily afterwards, but got there to find the flipping treadmills weren't working! Had to settle for a brisk tempo bike ride for 35 mins instead! Ah well, at least it was some exercise I suppose.... Take 2 again today!

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A brisk tempo bike ride is better than no exercise at all - it's cross training anyway for your running so think of it like that. I will congratulate you in any case for getting on with some exercise in the face of last minute changes to your plans (i.e. the treadmills not working). It might be a case now of fitting your runs in when you can, even if it does delay your graduation. Your exams and deadlines are the most important priority at the moment - you want that degree after all. Good luck with fitting your runs around your studies and best wishes.


Hey Debs, not to worry!!! I have had to do that for the past couple of weeks due to work and I have found it quite beneficial at times!! I think as long as you fit them all in when you can it works. Now we all have the bug we all know what we need to do!!! I can't wait to buy one of those C25K tee shirts !!! Am so glad I joined this,I have so much more energy than normal and for once in a very long time look forward to my excercise routine !!

Good luck



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