Couch to 5K

Podcast/music/MapMyWalk problems ? Anyone know the solution ?

Has anyone else had problems with the podcasts just stopping mid run ? This problem started for me in week 5 and I think it is due to some incompatibility between the podcast/music/mapmywalk, but I'm not sure which. I have just finished week 7 but due to the problems I've been having (and also because I want to be able to do 5K and not 30 minutes) this week I have been doing 4k runs, for week 8 I will be doing 4.5k runs and then for week 9 5k runs. As I thought I was going to die after week 1 session 1 I am amazed that I can even contemplate this, BUT I CAN !!!

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Well done! That's fantastic!! I found I had problems when trying to use the app, plus own music, plus runkeeper (which I suspect is fairly similar to mapmyruns). If I just limit it to two apps together it works fine. I am currently using C25k+ and finding that that works perfectly well with runkeeper. I gave up on trying to run multiple apps and am either sticking to a playlist + podcast or app and podcast. Not sure if that helps. Good luck with your runs!


Hmm, I like to have Laura for encouragement, MapMyWalk for distance updates and I need the music !! I want it all....Thanks for the tip though.


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