Couch to 5K

Week 6 - Run 3

So after a fun filled evening last night with friends and a bbq it was back to reality this morning. The weather isn't going to be great and I don't normally run in the mornings but I thought might as well just get on with it. That way it's done and I don't have to stress about running for 25 whole Earth minutes all day!

I put on my running gear, started my runtastic app and then my podcast and listened to Laura saying hi. In my head I had planned my route, longer than I normally go and in a different direction and off I went on my 5 minute warm up

walk. Laura told me I was going to start my next run, I took a deep breath and started. It took me a few minutes to get into my stride and get my breathing right but then I was doing it. I got to my first milestone and felt at ease. The shock came when Laura told me how long I had been running for...seriously!! I must have been running for longer than that. Ah well keep going. My left calf was hurting, it feels really tight so I slow down a little bit and try and stretch it out. You know what, I'm really enjoying this running malarky - I feel better about myself now and don't feel so self conscious anymore, I even smile to other runners that I see out and about instead of keeping my eyes firmly on the ground as I pass them. I can feel my wobbly bits becoming a bit less wobbly and I feel like I can actually complete this and in 3 weeks time I will be running for 30 minutes. OK so I've started the run back home now and now Laura is telling me that I have run for 20 minutes - amazing!! Five more minutes to go, right come on Laura tell me the good news, I only have 1 more minute left of running......Oh Laura....Laura? Have you left me?...YES! 1 more minute, you can do this, final push, smile at the experienced runner as you pass each other and............walk. Woo Hoo - I did it - 25 minutes! Time to cool down - big smile on my face, home stretch off and I'm done. Have a great Easter Sunday everyone - I will, I ran for 25 minutes :-)

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fantastic i could feel your sense of achievement as you got nearer and nearer the last steps of your run, well done you!!!


Well done, sounds like a fantastic run. It does give you a buzz when you start to achieve the longer runs. Good luck for W7 and best wishes.


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