Couch to 5K

W4R2 done & new trainers

Got new trainers yesterday - motivation to keep going if I needed it! Went out this morning and not even the slightest twinge in my feet, hurrah! My old ones were a 'piece of history' according to the guy in the shop.

I felt really good this morning. Found the first 2 runs the hardest (might have been the hills involved) but was surprised at how smooth it was. Even went further & faster than before according to runkeeper :-)

Looking forward to run 3 and even week 5.....

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Wahay!!!! You can do this! Great news on the shoes. Makes all the difference with the wind in your heels, that only new shoes can provide. LOL

So, to run 3 of week 4. Piece o' cake. Take care, have your rest day, look after that bod and you'll be fine


Surprising what a difference good running shoes can make. Good luck with the third run of the week. Best wishes.


Well done gingerbreadman. Sounds like the new shoes really gave you wings!


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