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I don't know whether it is my computer, probably; it seems a bit wilful, but my posts either get cut off in the middle, or worse duplicate themselves. I was just saying I have just managed week 5 run 3 with no problems. To all those worrying out there about running 20 minutes, (I certainly was dreading it) it will be fine when you get there. In many ways I found the first two weeks the hardest, so far, though week 6 looks tough. Thanks Laura it is a great programme.

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Yes I felt the same, 20 mins seems impossible at the start of the run, but before you know it you are at the end of it, it is definately a great motivator and nothing to be scared of... Infact that was when I signed up to do the race for life...

The programme is great and I am following it to the letter.. Week 6 seemed strange at first going back to 8 minute runs after doing 20 mins, but I'd say dont be tempted to skip it,I wondered about doing that and am glad I didnt, I actually found it hard to manage even though I'd run 20 mins easily the run before... Now about to start week eight and am so excited... its taken me more than nine weeks to get towards the end but I'm loving it....


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