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W5r1 take two

Just finished w5r1 for the second time and was pleasantly surprised. I ran it first at the beginning of last week, but struggled on r2 and then got a horrible cold... so wrote the entire week off! Restarted running w5 today and the first one felt so easy!! I was shocked as I thought that after not running for a fair few days and being ill that I may struggle, but I didn't at all. It's quite the motivator after a poor week last week! I would definitely recommend rerunning weeks that didn't go well for you.

Hopefully I'll be saying the same after run 2..!

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Well done. Glad you had a good run. I had to restart from back a couple of weeks and now am happy to repeat runs until they're comfortable for me. Letting go of having to get to the end has been very liberating. After all we're still out moving and getting stronger and building up stamina. Good for you. let us know how run 2 goes.


I'm there with you in spirit - you will be fine on the next two runs. You were wise not to run with such a cold - always best to be kind to yourself and rest when under the weather. I'm sure you will fly through the rest of W5. Best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo. I couldn't believe the difference I felt, I think that I may have been going down with the cold on my last run - the one that was a failure!

Hope your runs are going well for you this week!!


Exactly Jaqs, we are still out and about and moving more. I like your idea of letting go of getting to the end, think I'll bear that one in kind! Will let you know how the next few go!


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