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Painful tendon. Now what?


Oh dear me, I ran on Thursday taking a very long gentle slope up the hillside. Went up to Stamina and down again to stepping Stones but only walked the slow sections of SS. Felt really good until towards the end of my run when I was aware of my Achilles tendon. (At this point I should say that I had many months of equines plaster cast for RSI on that tendon when a lump developed about 10 years ago and it was extremely painful)

The area each side of the tendon feels very tender, like a bruise does. I spent all of yesterday with it elevated and resting on a gel ice pack, applied Ibuprofen gel to the skin and took one Codeine Phosphate tablet before bed.

Today I should have done my timed Parkrun for Jantastic challenge but after only 100 metres of running had sharp pain in the tendon and had to drop out.

Called to see my fitness fanatic runner of a B-i-L who was amazed that I do not do stretching exercises every day and particularly before runs (I only do them afterwards). He has lent me a book about self help injuries and I also picked up a foam roller on my way home. (A real macho grey and blue one Dan :) )

I'm not sure what to do now but obviously I need to rest it. I must be very careful to not over eat now or I will undo the weight loss i have achieved.

Anyone have any advice, please?

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Ooooh...sounds painful Beek. Poor you - you have my sympathies. I must say I've been doing PRE RUN exercises and my physio chap said that it "wakes up" muscle groups so that by the time you go out, your legs are ready for action. Rest that achilles though, until the pain is gone. Last thing you want is a long lay off.

HAve you seen these exercises? I find them very good.

Am well jel of your macho manly blue/grey foam roller......

BeekGraduate in reply to danzargo

Thanks Dan for the link. I have been thinking lately that we should all do some core strength exercise regularly so after looking at this link I have decided to do a range of exercise whist I am 'resting'. I should have been doing them alongside the running. Many thanks Dan! I will certainly be doing them from now on!

Take note all you newbies out there! :)

HiddenGraduate in reply to Beek

I highly recommend Pilates for developing core strength

Sorry to hear about your problem I know how your feeling because I have only just got back into running after 9wks ( tendon ) my physio was also shocked to hear I didn't do post run stretches & I do them now & have been fine . . Regarding keeping your weight stable I did some yoga & hoola hooping . Wishing you a speedy recovery .

BeekGraduate in reply to Rockette

Ahha! I bought a weighted hula hoop recently. I'm not terribly good at it yet but it is a jolly good workout! And if I can fit it into the room I shall try to get my bike inside on the frame for static riding. I used to love Pilates and still have the books so can set up a routine with that too. 9 weeks is a long time but I suppose we just have to put up with that. I do know what a full on tendon injury is like, hobbling around in plaster and I don't need that again - so I will behave!

Thank you for the suggestions!

Rockette in reply to Beek

I've just got a Pilates DVD , never tried it , will be this weekend though

BeekGraduate in reply to Rockette

I loved doing Pilates! Let's know how you get on with it!

Rockette in reply to Beek

Yes will do


Ouch Beek. Sounds nasty. Time and again people on this forum seem to be recommended to do some core strengthening - in my case my physio has me working on my hips and glutes so there is probably a lesson there for all of us.

Hope rest and exercise do the trick.


Thanks Ullyrunner. I have been intending doing core strengthening for a while and this is my opportunity! We are coming up to the beekeeping season and that is quite demanding on your back!

Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that. Developed a tendon problem 20 years ago when I started an impulsive jogging-on-the-spot-in-the-shed routine (didn't want anyone to see me!!) and ignored the emerging pain. Sorry I don't have any real advice other than to follow the advice of professionals and definitely rest up your ankle. Maybe you could do a bit of swimming?

BeekGraduate in reply to PortlySportly

My brother in law, who is an experienced distance runner, was very surprised that I am not in the habit of doing any strengthening exercise routines and has give me a book to help me out. Swimming may take a bit of organising because we are quite a way from a pool. But I can get my bike indoors and put it up on the blocks to do some static riding. So I am hoping that plus hula hooping will keep my fitness up.

I've just got to be really sensible! And patient I guess!

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