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Weak glutes! Not landing properly! Aches & pains! Am going to LEARN how to run properly!

I've not been able to run for 3 weeks due to aches and pains in ankle, knee and hips (just one side!). My physio says I've got very weak glutes and this is causing my lower limbs to do all the work. Hence the pains. So, I'm doing glute strengthening exercises every day and trying to "fire up" my pesky bottom muscles. Hubby is quite enjoying all the positions I'm getting myself into, what with the foam roller and tennis ball, but we won't go there on this forum.

However, I'm still quite "achey" so I'm thinking maybe it's not the running but something else.

I miss running soooo much. We're moving house next week and I was hoping the running would help with the pressure. I've become grumpy and short tempered which I know is because I haven't got my fix. However, I have developed a closer relationship with wine in the evenings, so it's not all bad!

Seriously, I NEED TO RUN!

Once we move, I'm going to see a podiatrist to get everything sorted once and for all and I'm going to learn how to run properly. If I have to start again from the beginning I will. Baby steps. Watch this space.

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Don't despair you will soon get back out there, you are so enthusiastic about your running which will see you through. Check out your new area for Pilates classes, there are many exercises in Pilates which will strengthen your body core and your glutes, good for thighs and legs too, in fact the whole body gets a workout. If you are a swimmer, you could do some breaststroke it will work your glutes too. Good luck with your move, its a very stressful time so I hope it goes smoothly for you.


Already do Pilates but new gym has a running school that will check my running form, gait, etc. How cool is that? It also has a couple of running trails outside. Really excited. Thanks for your advice Oldgirl. You're the best.


Put the wine down and go for a little run, just round the block and then see how you feel. I'm doing yoga at home now and loving it. Courtesy of Jillian Michaels and some of her other exercise DVD's as I was struggling with fitness, or rather lack of it! I do a lot of walking mind you and I think that really helps. Moving house! I'd get a removal van and let them take the strain. Best thing I ever did as they took the stress out of it. They were like Zen masters. LOL


Thanks misswobble. You're right. I'm going to risk a little run tomorrow and see how I get on (provided I don't have too much of a hangover!).

Removal guys coming on Saturday. Just got in lots of tea, coffee and biccies!

Thanks for your reply.


Hope your move goes smoothly and you can then get back into your stride once you have the aches and pains sorted. With very best wishes.


Thank you so much. Can't wait!


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