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Just did my first full 5k

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About 6 weeks after graduating. I've stuck to running 3 times a week and tried to increase by 0.25km per week, and today I am really pleased to have done 5k. Took me 47 minutes, which I am also quite pleased with !

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And so you should be. Well done you

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Congratulations job well done. Its the right way to go about reaching that magic 5K. So you now have a time to work towards reducing, enjoy your running while you work at it and good luck. :)

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ajwyldGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Yup. My plan is to do 2 30 minute runs a week (on weekdays) and gradually try to increase my speed. And to keep one longer run on the weekend - working up to an hour to start with.

Well done thats great news. You must feel really pleased. I am still looking forward to hitting 5km. Sounds like you have been doing your increases just right. Happy running.

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Yay! Great news. 47m57 is my PB for 5K

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well done, thats fabulous...

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That's fantastic - I graduated last week & still sticking to 3 runs a week but the elusive 5k is still out of my reach. Your post gives me hope that I'll get there :)

Fantastic, well done! I will graduate on Friday and my next plan is to work up to 5k, then a Parkrun. Nice to hear graduates are still working at increasing distance and I won't be the only one! x

Congrats to you !!! well done bet regards

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Thanks for this post, it gives us who have yet to graduate a great idea of what comes after the programme and how to get to the 5k sensibly. Well done on your 5k, you deserve to be chuffed with yourself :)

Well done and congratulations. There is hope for me yet. Best wishes.

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Definately hope for everyone !

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