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Wanna do this!

But I'm a bit scared... of being slow, and being crap... and being out of tune! lol!

I've not been out for a run since Sunday, so this is overdue, adn I've wanted to run by the river, properly for ages! Its just that little bit too far to get to and from in one session, so I never manage it and this is a good excuse.

If I manage to leave work on time today then I'm going to head down there - I think!

Maybe see some other West Londoners there!?

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Ohhh never seen this before, sounds really interesting. Let us know if you go.


I went along but couldn't find the group! The one review I've seen says it was fun. If there is another one I'll post it up again at the time.

I did end up running home a circuitous new route though so not an entirely wasted trip!


You may be slow (most of us are) but you certainly won't be crap. Go for it and enjoy yourself. Best wishes.


Like you say a run is never a wasted run. Let us know if you try again. Happy running


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